Student's comments:

Just finished courses in CP, rappelling, shooting, & knife class from without doubt some of the very best instructors in the world, every instructor had combat and/or CP experience. Whatever they taught was real world, practical, simple, very effective and done in a safe manner. Everything was very professional, even the equipment, and i wouldn't hesitate to take additional courses or recommend Maluco to anyone wether they want to go into the security industry or not.

I just graduated my Close Protection course and as a former police officer, found the 5 day course filled with tons of real-world practical tips and techniques that the work of civilian bodyguard or anyone involved in personal protection really needs. The course was held by the lead instructor and 5 internationally recognized trainers, all of them with worldwide combat/protection experience. It makes difference when you learn it from the professionals... I do recommend this training ...

I completed the basic rappelling course with Maluco Tactical and found the whole experience to be a great one. Doing it for the first time I was a little worried about being able to keep up with some of the more experienced people in my group but with the clear and detailed explanations of the instructor, I was able to learn quickly. I am looking forward to taking two new courses next month and highly recommend the training provided by Maluco Tactical to anyone who may be interested.

I completed the 5-day Executive Protection course with Maluco in September 2010, and found the instruction, course material and professionalism of the staff to be outstanding. As a former special operations member of the Canadian forces, I have attended many indepth and challenging courses. This one ranked right up there for it's practical specialised knowledge and delivery. I highly recommend this course for those looking at entry into the CP field and for developing the important soft skills.

I took Tactical Rappelling class on October, 3rd 2010. I didn't need this class for my job, so I didn't really have any expectations. But I have to admit that this class helped me to face and fight my fear of height. And I discovered that actually I might even like rappelling. Will I take another classes offered by Maluco, or would I recommend these classes - both answers are "YES".

I took the CP course in June 2010, and the quality of instruction and course material was second to none. Instructed by former special forces and military members the course is very practical for individuals such as myself who are seriously interested in the field of close protection. I was very impressed by the high level of specialist knowledge and professionalism the instructors possessed and I highly recommend this and other courses offered by Maluco Tactical Training to others.

As part of my affiliation with Maluco Security ( I will be handling the TSCM for them), I attended the Jan. CP course to learn just what is requiredin CP . This definitely does not promote the stereo-type "bodyguard", but concentrates on thinking, pre-planning and above all professionalism. The caliber of training was similar to that I received in the RCMP. For anyone considering the field, it is well worth taking. The course is well thought out, and presented by knowledgeable people.

I completed the Personal Protection course in Vancouver BC. There was no Hollywood fluff in this course just solid facts and fundamentals regarding the realities of how to be a professional personal protection specialists. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in personal protection you receive a ton of useful skills to do your job properly.

I recently graduated on Personal Protection Specialist course by Maluco Tactical in Vancouver BC. It was very professional and practical and I would recommended definitely. They teach you many useful things from their great experience.

Ive attended two Maluco courses in Serbia (tactical and knife 1). Even though Im in martial arts for more than15 years and have seen a lot, I was amazed how good the system of training was pure practical stuff which you can use as a professional bodyguard or in every day life. If you have the opportunitydont miss it!

Ive personally taken 2 courses (edge weapon 1 and 2) offered by Maluco and I couldnt be more satisfied. The material was presented professionally and everything we learned was applicable to the real world, there was no filler. I will definitely be back for more. If youre looking for world class tactical training, then you cant go wrong with Maluco.


More than two decades ago, Maluco Tactical was founded in British Columbia, Canada. To this day, it remains as one of the top schools offering excellent bodyguard training. Their courses are characterized by being extremely detailed and specialized. They cover everything from physical protection to terrorism threats. Even government agencies have turned to to Maluco to train their special agents. This is mainly due to the important fact that all of their instructors are exceedingly capable for the job. Not only did they receive extensive and periodic training, but they also have many years of experience under their belt. In addition, this bodyguard training center happens to have a membership with the ICPTA, or International Close Protection Training Association, which is located in Germany.Bodyguard Training

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